Supporting the future of Cannabis Cultivation

Cultivation and Processing

Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

CGC offers valuable expertise and guidance to clients throughout the optimization process of the cannabis cultivation value chain. This leads to increased yields, sustainable growth, and predictable profits.

The cannabis industry has one of the most damaging environmental impacts in history. As an agricultural activity, it consumes more energy than any other cultivation, resulting in a carbon footprint higher than any other industry.

Technology and Sustainable Practices

To mitigate these effects and improve operational efficiencies, the adoption of integrated technologies and sustainable practices is crucial in the future of cannabis cultivation. Market demands and regulations, along with consumer demand for sustainable products, require a commitment to sustainable practices.

Software and Data Strategies:

The integration of cultivation data analytics, facility controls, and digital management tools improves efficiency and reduces stress on both plants and staff. The cannabis industry faces challenges due to skills gaps, lack of experienced talent, and language and geographic barriers. There is a growing demand for turnkey cultivation strategies based on proven technologies and practices.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) play a crucial role in any cultivation strategy, providing day-to-day work instructions for all staff. CGC provides its clients with comprehensive and digitized SOPs and employee tracking through digital strategies.

CGC's strategy utilizes technology from trusted industry partners to support the cultivation process. It includes:

  • Multilingual digital SOPs and work instructions accessible via tablet-based cultivation kiosks.
  • Implementation of cultivation management systems to automate key functions such as fertigation, CO2 control, and light intensity.
  • Intranet and direct access to the CGC "Cultivation Solutions Team" for troubleshooting.
  • Automated alerts for environmental and equipment deviations.

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