Supporting the Future of Cannabis Cultivation

Cultivation and Processing

Global Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

At CGC, we are your growth partner, providing valuable expertise and guidance for all legal cannabis requirements. Our global expertise offers unparalleled services including project feasibility, brand and marketing development, and more. Whether you are applying for a new license, seeking EU-GMP & EU-GACP compliance, or developing an import/export strategy, Cannabis Global Consultants can support you along every step of the way.

Technology and Sustainable Practices in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry, while thriving, face significant challenges when dealing with its environmental impact. To mitigate these challenges, CGC has adopted integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices. With market demands and regulations, our commitment to environmental responsibility is a core component of our services, ensuring your venture has a positive contribution to the planet as is possible.

Data-Driven Cultivation Strategies and Compliance Expertise

With the cannabis industry facing many challenges due to skills gaps, lack of experienced talent, and language and geographic barriers, there is a growing demand for turnkey cultivation strategies that are based on proven technologies and practices.

CGC specializes in creating cultivation strategies to fit with the diverse international markets. Having a deep understanding of regulatory landscapes, our team will ensure that your cannabis business is fully compliant with local and international laws, industry standards, and adheres to using the best practices. Using our data-driven approach, combined with our expertise in construction management and facility design, we guarantee not just compliance but operational excellence within the rapidly changing cannabis industry.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) play a crucial role in any cultivation strategy, providing day-to-day work instructions for all staff. CGC provides its clients with comprehensive and digitized SOPs and employee tracking through digital strategies.

CGC's strategy utilizes technology from trusted industry partners to support the cultivation process, that include:

  • Multilingual digital SOPs and work instructions accessible via tablet-based cultivation kiosks.
  • Implementation of cultivation management systems to automate key functions such as fertigation, CO2 control, and light intensity.
  • Intranet and direct access to the CGC "Cultivation Solutions Team" for troubleshooting.
  • Automated alerts for environmental and equipment deviations.

Our cannabis consulting services also include:

  • Project feasibility and site risk assessment
  • Regulatory compliance and government engagement
  • Turnkey facility design and build outs
  • Full security program design
  • Financial modeling and fundraising assistance
  • Strategic brand and marketing development
  • Expert staffing and leadership recruitment

We Are a Global Network of Cannabis Expertise

Our international presence means we understand the distinctionsof the different markets in the cannabis niche. Whether you're in NorthAmerica, Europe, or Asia, CGC's global network provides the insights andstrategies necessary for your business to be successful in this new competitivemarket.

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