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We are a turnkey cannabis consulting platform to take you from seed to shelf.

We are four autonomously successful, highly-specialised cannabis consulting firms that integrated our services to shift the paradigm.

Most cannabis consulting companies typically feature one or two experienced founders with specific core competencies, who then hire support staff to cover areas of the cannabis value chain outside of their core expertise.

This leads to inefficient deliverable quality and puts clients at risk, requiring multiple consultants and disintegrated project management.

CGC takes the path less travelled and integrates all these areas under one roof. This provides clients with best-in-class service and expertise at every step, with no gaps.

"The cannabis industry is just beginning to scale globally, with incredible growth opportunities over the next five years and beyond. Already a multi-billion dollar international market, new, licensed cannabis production opportunities are only going to pick up speed across the world."

-Ash Ganley, CGC

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Our Team

Cannabis Global Consultants' deep and successful combined experience and expertise allows our clients to capitalize on this emerging industry, activate a predictable and proven path to growth and truly mitigate risks
David Hyde

Founder of David Hyde & Associates, is managing director of CannaNavigators, a leading cannabis licensing, compliance and security consultancy. David is also CEO of Hyde Advisory & Investments, a strategic advisory firm providing cannabis sector transaction brokerage and due diligence services, as well as specialized support to governments and cannabis companies on regulatory policy, licensing strategy and corporate governance.

David Hyde

Paul Kourie 

A cannabis industry operations, security, and licensing specialist with diverse education and experience. Paul brings years of process optimization, lean manufacturing, and team-building experience to the newly-created regulated cannabis sector. Learning and optimizing the process of high-quality indoor cultivation gives Paul deep knowledge and insights into all the operational ins and outs of large-scale cannabis production.

Paul Kourie

Ash Ganley 

Ash is on a mission to increase the quality and quantity of cannabis production while reducing both the environmental impact and the operational expense of cultivation. As aco-founder and former Chief Cultivation Technology Officer of a vertically-integrated, US-based  multi-state operator and former co-founder and CEO of a PhD-driven cannabis technology company, Ash has over a decade of deep leadership experience in every aspect of the cannabis cultivation industry.

Ash Ganley

Jordan Thomson 

Jordan has value added expertise grounded in a foundational knowledge of facility design and construction, cultivation best practices, and the strategic deployment of seed-to-sale technologies, resulting in enhanced value realizations for clients. Across his portfolio, Jordan's main objective remains clear: eliminate redundancies, reduce costs, and implement the most viable, modern and efficient systems and equipment for clients to improve their returns.

Jordan Thomson

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