Publicly Traded Colombian Cannabis Producer Seeking Equity Partner

USD $2 Million
License(s) Held:
GACP Licence. The company is licensed to produce, extract, export and import cannabis from Colombia and approved to export by the Colombian government.
business overview

Join the ranks of the largest and most reliable global wholesale cannabis supplier with this well-established and strategically positioned Colombian medical cannabis company. Having already achieved significant milestones, this business offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on the growing cannabis market.

Key Highlights:

  1. International Supply Chains: Pioneers in cannabis export from Colombia, this company has successfully shipped 272kgs, 1728kgs, and 3425kgs of premium Cannabis flower to international partners.
  2. Diverse Product Range: Legally exporting various grades of high-quality Flower, Isolate, and Distillate of THC and CBD to markets across the Americas, EU, Asia, and Australia.
  3. Robust Production Capacity: Harvesting 1000kgs of product bi-weekly from a 2.5-acre greenhouse and 7.4 acres of outdoor land, with the potential to scale up to 200 acres with nearby land.
  4. Efficient Production Cycles: Over 30,000 plants in a life cycle, resulting in 6-7 harvests per year to maximize production footprint and maintain exceptional quality.
  5. Exclusive Genetics Library: Boasting 30 high-quality, registered strains, all developed in Colombia, led by Canadian cultivation and genetics experts, with additional unique strains under development.
  6. Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality testing and compliance with COAs meeting high standards (TG93/TG100) and European Pharmacopeia testing thresholds.
  7. Established Global Presence: Successfully executed large-scale exports and established supply chains, particularly in key markets such as Germany, UK, Australia, and the Caribbean.
  8. Expert Management Team: A highly experienced team with a strong background in cultivation, pharma, and distribution ensures efficient operations.
  9. Certification Advancements: Pursuing EU-GACP, CUMCS-GMP, and IMT GAP certifications to further enhance credibility and market reach.
  10. Ideal Climate Advantage: The equatorial climate in Colombia enables year-round production of high-quality cannabis, ensuring consistent supply at attractive prices.

Opportunity for Growth:This Colombian cannabis company offers a compelling market entry framework, providing an excellent opportunity to establish global leadership in wholesale cannabis. To fuel further expansion, the business is seeking a strategic equity partner to fund growth, licensing, and expansion plans.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this thriving industry. Invest in this well-established cannabis business and reap the rewards of a flourishing global cannabis market.

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