March 21, 2024

Israel and Germany to Boost Global Cannabis Market

Impending changes to cannabis regulations in Israel havebeen a subject of discussion and writing, indicating a significant expansion ofthe market in that jurisdiction upon implementation.

Initially scheduled for release by the year's end, the newregulations have faced a delay of 3 months due to the ongoing conflict in theregion, as reported by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Discussions which have highlighted changes to Germany'scannabis laws, aim to remove cannabis from the Narcotics list. Introducing newadjustments will likely significantly expand the medical cannabis market in theEU's most densely populated country.

These changes are expected to come into effect around Marchor April of 2024.

It's noteworthy that two of the largest medicinal cannabisimport markets globally are poised for exponential expansion around the sametimeframe.

Considering the significant market growth occurring inAustralia, the anticipated regulatory changes in Israel and Germany bode wellfor companies involved in the global supply chain for medical cannabis, as wellas domestic licensed cannabis producers in the three identified markets.

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