April 10, 2024

Czech Republic Plans to Legalize Cannabis

More exciting news from the EU cannabis market.

The East European country is reportedly preparing to legalize cannabis for medical and adult use. Prague is planning full legalization for 2023 and wants to align with what unfolds in Germany.

The Czech Republic is coordinating the drafting of the legalization law with Germany, where the federal government is also planning to legalize cannabis: "Our colleagues from Germany want hemp for the German market only to be grown and processed within Germany and that we do the same. I, on the other hand, think we should supply each other."

According to sources, the move is part of a push for Czech Republic’s health ministry to provide greater access to the drug. Currently, doctors are only allowed to prescribe cannabis for a limited number of patients.

In addition, Czech Republic could see around €800 million annually in taxes on cannabis and hemp products. 

It's estimated that around 8% to 9% of Czech citizens use cannabis regularly, and 30% of the adult population have tried cannabis at least once.  

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