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Shlomo Booklin is a recognized cannabis expert, with 30+ years of experience having worked on numerous large-scale projects internationally – including some of the biggest names in the Canadian Cannabis industry.

Mr. Booklin has:

  • Written successful license applications for emerging LPs around the world

  • Paired with GrowerIQ's extensive experience in project management, process optimization & system integration

  • Expertise to help your Licensed Producer business gain a competitive edge

  • Been approved as a Responsible Person in Charge with security clearance for Health Canada

You can usually find him on a plane, currently travelling between projects in Canada, Colombia, Macedonia and Zimbabwe.



Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, Shlomo Booklin graduated from the Horticulture program at the JTI (Jerusalem Technological Institute).

After working as a grower with some of the leading agriculture companies in Israel, Shlomo moved to Australia and managed a 350 acre cut flower horticulture operation. He also worked with the University of Sydney on an IPM (integrated pest management) research project and lectured at their Faculty of Horticulture.

In 1992, Shlomo moved to Portugal, to manage another large-scale project (24 hectares) where he oversaw the construction of large and modern greenhouses that were designed to produce several millions young plants per season for the export market. The company, under his management, produced an average of 6-7 million young plants per season – some 250,000 young plants per week. The company exported its product under very strict E.U. phytosanitary regulations mostly to the U.K. and Holland but also to Croatia, Denmark, Belgium, as well as other north European countries.

Shlomo has immigrated with his family to Canada in 2002 and he worked as a Head Grower, initially in B.C. and more recently in Ontario, with some of the leading producers of young plants in the industry.

Since 2014, Shlomo has worked with number of the largest L.P.s’ in Canada, where he worked as a Master Cannabis Grower, assisted in maximising production as well as sharing the “know how” involved in growing successfully on a commercial scale, while complying with Health Canada regulations. 

In parallel,

  • Shlomo has been providing consulting services to several LPs in the process of acquiring a growing license from Health Canada

  • Shlomo has also been working closely with the leading Medicinal Cannabis growers, researchers & scientists in Israel, to produce exclusive specific medicinal strains

  • He is currently engaged in several international cannabis cultivation projects, namely in: Colombia, Greece, Macedonia, Portugal, Zimbabwe and Australia

  • With more than 30 years of experience working with profitable large scale commercial operations – and his unique familiarity with the Cannabis industry in both Canada, Israel (both leading Cannabis producing countries) and South America – he is an asset in this industry


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