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Sarah Seale is a business strategist with over 15 years experience on the international market. Working with over 34 countries, Sarah has been a strategic business asset providing solutions to small and large companies on almost every platform in business management, helping them strategically in the areas of Sales, Operations, Human Resources and Recruitment.

In the last 5 years in the Cannabis Industry in Canada, Sarah has launched three companies of her own and helped over 20 others set up and strategically grow within the industry. Boasting an extensive network, she is widely regarded as a strategic partnership expert and problem solver and is known for her pro-bono and advocacy work for the Medical Cannabis sector.

Key Services/Experience

  • Strategic Board Advisor for Vinzan International on developing their international market in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Colombia.

  • Strategic Board Advisor for Xtrx Solutions on set up of a world class extraction and fulfillment facility in Canada. 

  • General Manager of Pineapple Express Delivery, the only compliant same day delivery service of Cannabis in Canada. Sarah was brought into this company while it was at the idea stage and has set up strategic business strategy and executed it. This company has grown in 1 year to 80+ employees with operations in 4 provinces, including government contracts.

  • Managing partner of CMR Consultants. CMR was a strategic management consulting company that was set up specifically to service the cannabis industry. In the year and a half CMR was operational, Sarah worked with over 10 LP’s and 13 smaller industry companies (including licensing companies, real estate, distribution companies and cannabis clinics) in areas such as set up, operational strategy, human resources management, recruitment, strategic partnerships and growth, international business strategies and conferences. CMR has now been dissolved and separated into two independent companies, Global Cannabis Consultants (CGC) to concentrate on international initiatives and Seale & Garland Cannabis Consultants which concentrates on Business Strategy, HR and recruitment in Canada.


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