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David Hyde is a global cannabis industry consultant with seven years hands-on experience providing expert guidance to cannabis companies and government bodies on matters relating to business/licensing strategy, regulatory/policy approaches, cannabis facility design/operations, corporate due diligence and risk governance. David’s cannabis sector work spans sixteen countries and includes engagements with multi-national cannabis companies, foreign governments, cannabis start-ups, R&D/testing companies, local/regional governments and investors.

David’s experience in the cannabis sector is both unique and unparalleled. Since early 2013, he has consulted with over 550 legal cannabis businesses including large-scale and small-batch cultivators, outdoor farms and cannabis nurseries, processors and extractors, packagers and distributors, research and testing labs, and cannabis retail outlets. On the public sector side, David has worked with local and regional governments, as well as federal licensing bodies, on regulatory policy, licensing and compliance strategy, enforcement tools, inspector training and guidance documents for industry.

Over almost seven years in the cannabis sector, David has advised some of the world’s largest cannabis brands, new entrants into the sector (e.g., Pharma, Food, Beverage, CPG, NHP, Tobacco) and a number of local / regional / foreign governments in countries around the world. He started in Canada, working with about two-thirds of all (200+) federal cannabis license holders on regulatory compliance, security and licensing.

David’s experience spans over 150 cannabis facility build-outs and extensive interaction with the regulator, Health Canada. David’s input was sought out by the regulator as Canada worked through three iterations of federal cannabis regulations between 2013 and 2019.

David has also consulted on a number of cannabis projects across the United States. As more countries have followed the early-movers in setting up legal cannabis regimes, David’s input has increasingly been in demand within foreign jurisdictions, bringing the many lessons learned from Canada and the U.S into other countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Oceania and Asia.

David has 34 years of business and leadership experience, working from both Canada and the UK. Before entering the cannabis sector, David was a Corporate Director for a $17 billion global corporation managing a department of 550 Front-Line Staff, with forty Managers and five Regional Directors.

David holds a Master of Sciences Degree (M.Sc.) from the University of Leicester, UK where he studied regulatory theory, compliance strategy and security risk management. David also holds a Certificate in Security Management from the University of Calgary. He is a graduate of the Wharton School Development Program for Security Executives, is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and is also a Certified Advanced Level Crime Prevention (CPTED) practitioner.

Key Services/Experience

  • Advises foreign governments on cannabis regulatory policy and practice, licensing and compliance strategy, enforcement tools, inspector training and guidance materials for industry

  • Hired on retainer by large and small cannabis companies to support them on business / licensing strategy, regulatory compliance, due diligence and corporate governance

  • Sits on various cannabis company Advisory Boards lending his name/reputation and experience as a recognized cannabis industry expert specializing in licensing strategy, facility operations, regulatory compliance, crisis management and corporate governance in the cannabis sector

  • Acts as an independent advisor to cannabis company Boards of Directors and Executive Management on matters of corporate governance, regulatory compliance and due diligence

  • University of Sydney -- has worked on high profile files related to regulatory enforcement action and Board governance within the cannabis sector

  • Conducts acquisition due diligence for investors and buyers of cannabis business assets globally

  • Works through an extensive and industry-leading network of cannabis sector experts operating around the globe (e.g., cultivation/GACP experts, quality/GMP specialists, extraction/processing experts, facility designers/builders, global law firms, insurers and other professional services)

  • Acts as a point of liaison between cannabis companies and foreign governments in nascent/emerging markets

  • Communicates directly with regulators on behalf of cannabis licensed businesses on licensing, regulatory compliance, response to enforcement action, etc.

  • Acts as a broker on business transactions between investors and cannabis companies


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